Bobbo’s Block throws a Block Party and you’re invited

This episode ain’t nothing but a Geeky Party party party. Ain’t Nothing but a Geeky Party, it will be myself, Raven and DJ Horus of Wiseguy Jukebox hanging out and chatting it up with the crew about Summer. We will be playing some hits and you’ll get to hear some clips from when we are off the air, lol.

I do have a Nerdgasm this episode and it is a Gadget Glomp. The review will be on the Mobile App Yo. If you haven’t heard of Yo, you will now. It is something I wanted to play around with I hope you guys like it.

No guest for tonight, just the crew, but we will be giving you guys the latest Word on the Block and will be going over our favorite things of Summer in The Talk. So sit back, kick up your feet, grab a hotdog off the grill and enjoy the show.


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Conscious Leo, Johnny Balsa, and Meiko on Ramen Radio LIVE


 Y.R Generation’s Conscious Leo stops by to kick things off. We also talk a little with JohnHenry Balsa, the head of Project Zion Studios. Finally, we wrap up the show with Meiko Matsuri and NexusGen Radio’s tribute to Maya Angelou.

Project Zion Studios website can be found here

And Meiko Matsuri can be heard or read at


The anime-inspired Hip-hop band’s latest EP–The Chibi EP. Check it out as well as some of the band’s other music at

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John Houston on NexusGen Radio

The time is finally here! We’re happy to bring you one of the coolest people we’ve had an opportunity to interview.. Mr. John Houston. Have a listen as Saki and Meiko talk to John about his endeavors as an actor and his spot-on portrayal of the greatest boxer of all time! Get ready to share some laughs and some feels as we talk with a man who stands alone.


Click here to listen to the episode! [44 minutes and 23 seconds]


Follow John/WAMSA:

“Problems” by Leon Marin:

Music by DJ KazuhirO:



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NexusGen Radio discusses new cosplay documentary

itunes pic

(Click here to listen to the episode) [38 minutes 42 seconds]

The NexusGen crew is happy to present you with an exclusive review of the Cosplayer NationDocumentary!

The ladies express their opinion on the film and the potential impact it could have on hundreds of fans worldwide! And as always the ladies touch on the latest happenings. So grab a few friends and tune in cuz you’re in for an awesome treat!

Please visit the Cosplayer Nation Facebook page for more information regarding screenings, cosplay ideas, to meet fellow cosplayers, and other CPN news and events!

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Bobbo’s Block releases Toonami Tribute Special Episode

itunes pic

This is our Toonami Anniversary show for the two year tribute to the return of the show with the most play.We talk about so much in this episode, I have my Otakast family sitting in with me, the network head Desmond Childs, Dj Horus from WiseGuy Jukebox, Saki from Nexus Gen Radio, and My Logic Slayer Joe Chaos. Come sit back and take a little trip down memory lane and lets take a walk on the block. Got a lot of Space to cover, lets fire up the ship Sara and lets go… Continue reading

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OtaKast Radio Network champions 3rd Annual 8-Bit Salute

Since 2010, thousands of gamers have joined forces to take part in 8-Bit Salute to show their support for the fighting men and women of the United States military and her allies by doing what they love: playing video games. For 24 straight hours, the community of supporters around Operation Supply Drop to raise both funds and awareness for the military gaming charity so we can continue our mission of getting video games to the troops deployed to combat zones through our “supply drops” and more events at military hospitals and bases.

To join us, you need only sign up to create your own team, then go out and gather the support of your friends and family through tax-deductible donations. 8-Bit Salute is all day on Saturday, May 17 through Sunday, May 18th, but we understand if life gets in the way and you can’t be a part that day. Have no fear: not only will there be an organized make-up date the next weekend on Saturday, May 24th, but in all actuality, you can really do the event any time you’d like (we’ll keep that classified)! Then it’s just a matter of grabbing a seat in your favorite chair, getting your favorite pizza place on speed dial, and finally grinding through that backlog of games that you’ve been promising to play through over the last year for as long as you can keep your eyes open!

Since our inception, Operation Supply Drop has raised almost $700,000 in games and donations, with 2013’s 8-Bit Salute raising $530,000 in donations alone. We are determined to set a new high score by breaking the million dollar mark in 2014, and with your help, we can absolutely do it!

WHEN:  May 17th 9am EST – May 18th 9am EST (Or whatever weekend works for you!)

WHERE:  In your comfy chair, at a friend’s house, or really wherever you get your game on!

GAME/PLATFORM:  Any game, any platforms. There are no restrictions: you want to play 24-hours of shuffleboard, it’s up to you!

HOW IT WORKS:  Simply ask your friends and family to sponsor you. They can make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift.  We encourage each participant to have a goal of $250 in donations.  Easy math says that’s only $25 from 10 people.  Have a seat (or stand) and play games on May 17th and see how long you can hold out and how much you can raise for the troops!

WHO IT BENEFITS:  Gamers will be raising money to build video game filled care packages (supply drops) for members of the Armed Forces deployed to Afghanistan, conducting humanitarian missions across the globe or recovering in military hospitals in the states. We are sending numerous drops out each month which you can see here.

You can register for 8-Bit Salute absolutely free, but if you register with the $15 Elite option, you’ll be eligible for a variety of raffles and prizes, including a 2014 8-Bit Salute t-shirt when you hit $200 in funds raised! Two lucky premium gamers will win a grand prize: a next generation video game stuffed supply drop of their own ($3,000+ value), just like we send out every month to the troops!

We thank you, and the troops thank you for your support! See you on May 17th!


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G-Diffuser 01 makes it’s premiere

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The series is penned (and directed) by Johnny Balsa and the premise is as follows:

 Blast of into space with Fox McCloud and his StarFox elite mercenaries as they defend the Lylat system from the evil Emperor Andross! 

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NexusGen Radio launches, adds new recruit



What’s up people! Check out the premiere episode of NexusGen Radio! We are the new AND improved AfterDark Radio and we’ve come full circle. We figured it would be time to rep the new feel and allow you guys to continue to roll with us on this podcast journey! We hope you guys enjoy!

Song Credits:

Hydrolic Child’s Play (Sonic 3 Remix) – DJ KazuhirO (

SHINee – Sherlock

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We didn’t get sold to anyone. That was a joke. But we do have a lot of stuff coming down the line. Stay tuned.



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OtaKast Radio Network reportedly purchased by WDDIJ

314 Publishing, inc.



Press release


For immediate release

Contact person: Harlon Velone

Company name: 314 Publishing

Telephone number: 668-884-6993

Fax number: 407-867-5309

Email address: SadisticeSuperVillain@gmailcom


Website address:



New Ownership

Grandview, Missouri, 4/1/2014 — 314 Publishing, LLC has completed negotiations with The Otakast Radio Network, and today is please to announce their purchase of the majority share of 314’s popular blog “Words Don’t Do It Justice” earlier today.


The Texas based podcast network has recently debuted a dirth of programming additions that made the initial offer something that was attractive to WDDIJ’s Chief Editor Matthew Elisha Williams. “At this point we’ve grown to a space where Words Don’t Do It Justice doesn’t need me actively writing content. We have great authors and I wish them and Otakast all the best in continuing the excellent track record we’ve established since opening the blog last year and our podcast earlier this week. Now I get to work behind the scenes to make sure we keep flying higher.”


When reached for comment Otakast Chief Executive Daniel Willis said “At this point in time…” Mr. Willis continued, “I feel like the network is moving in a direction-a positive one-and Mr. Williams has a vision that will definitely help us continue to grow. I’m excited and look forward to the future.


The purchase was reported earlier today through a leak from an employee which has already been sacked. But the eight thousand dollar ($8,000) price was correct and was approved unanimously by both companies in eager anticipation of the new relationship and its possibilities.


There will be a press conference at 9:15pm CDT for media questions via Google+ please add in order to be included inpress conference.

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